Monday, October 16, 2006

45 Reasons

Tomorrow is Dana's 45th birthday. Five years ago I purchased ad space in the local paper to wish her a happy 40th birthday and to declare my love. What ultimately appeared in the paper had enough typos to render it indecipherable. Now I have a blog. Free and with the potential for no typos given sufficient proof-reading on my part.

And so with her presents already wrapped and hidden away and a half dozen plus birthday cards signed and sealed (no one card says it all), I now offer 45 things I love about Dana. If you gag at over-the-top sentimental but heartfelt mush I would suggest you high-tail-it out of here because this will no doubt send you into some type of emotional seizure.

  1. I love her sense of humor and that most days she seems to get mine.
  2. I love her Dana-blue eyes especially when they're looking at me.
  3. I love her passion for learning new things.
  4. I love that no matter how many times I tell her the same story she always listens like she's never heard any of it before.
  5. I love her quiet, deep love for God and that she's never lost faith.
  6. I love her courage to return to graduate school to pursue her passion.
  7. I love the softness of her skin.
  8. I love how she tells me she's proud of me for stepping up to the starting line and comforts me when the finish line proves out of reach.
  9. I love her kiss that sends me out into my day and welcomes me home at night.
  10. I love her genuineness. Dana is always Dana.
  11. I love her spirit.
  12. I love her stability and consistency.
  13. I love her integrity. Her word is gold.
  14. I love how she takes care of me when I'm sick or hurt.
  15. I love how she never says "I told you so " even though she rightfully could on a regular basis.
  16. I love that she said "yes" when I asked her to marry me. I'll always be indebted.
  17. I love it when she pretends she's Speed Racer.
  18. I love watching her putz and futz around the house in the morning.
  19. I love the sound of her voice on the other end of the phone.
  20. I love coming home to her or when she comes home to me.
  21. I love her patience, her compassion, and her tenderness.
  22. I love that she nearly always asks if I want anything when she goes into the kitchen.
  23. I love, absolutely love her feet.
  24. I love her delight in pumpkin season.
  25. I love her tenacity.
  26. I love how she interacts with other people.
  27. I love when she prays out loud.
  28. I love the warmth of her hands.
  29. I love that most of the time she lets me be in charge of the TV remote.
  30. I love that she brings out the best in me and puts up with the worst in me.
  31. I love her name.
  32. I love when she folds down my side of the bed.
  33. I love how she says "thank you" for ordinary things I do.
  34. I love her silly ways and that she's not too old to play.
  35. I love that she's always, without exception, in my corner.
  36. I love her vulnerability and her strength.
  37. I love her commitment to her own spiritual and emotional growth.
  38. I love her work ethic.
  39. I love her little thoughtful ways that put something special in every day.
  40. I love the respect and admiration she naturally elicits from other people.
  41. I love her insightfulness, wisdom and intelligence.
  42. I love the questions she asks and how she thinks.
  43. I love her beauty, visible with the eye and with the heart.
  44. I love her faithfulness and devotion to our relationship.
  45. I love Dana for being Dana which is the most amazingly wonderful person to be.

Happy birthday kiddo.

Post Birthday Wrap-Up

It was a grand and glorious success, so reports the birthday girl. We both took an unpaid day off from work to celebrate though Dana remains mystified as to why no national holiday has yet to be instituted. It is a head-scratcher, isn't it?


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Jules said...

Happy Birthday to Dana and thank you Anita for sharing this!
You two are blessed! ~J

Anonymous said...

Great post!
Happy Birthday Dana!
And I like that you buy lots of cards what a great idea.