Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did I Mention?

We have a new 9 month old rescue kitten. We knew another cat would be joining the Cadonau-Huseby family at some point since Annie the Cat has been pathetically sad and pouty since Tweety took a direct flight to Cat Heaven. Okay, so have I but that's not the point. Anyway, Dana and I had some long conversations about what kind of cat we'd bring into our home and had decided that while we were open to consider any cat we were leaning toward a kitten and perferably not a black one and definitely not a male one.

Welcome Simba. A nine-month old black male cat. Annie's new playmate, once she quits hissing at him that is. She has yet to fully grasp the ramifications of his gender limitations, for as a male she will always retain the Queen of the House status she inherited from Tweety and he will forever be her little prince. Her very own boy toy. Simba is a bombay cat and has all the appearance and movement of a baby black panther, along with being a total love monkey. Just a big ball of purring cat love. I can't keep my hands off him. Now, there's a sentence I've never typed before but I digress.

Anyway, so we're back to a two human two feline household and it feels really nice. And just right.

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jeanne said...

oh God works in mysterious ways.