Friday, September 01, 2006

The Morning After the Day Before

This entry is for the thousands upon thousands of you in the blogosphere who are this very morning plagued with worry over how I'm feeling after my 20 miler yesterday.

It's 8:30 a.m. and I just woke up. I haven't slept in this late, without benefit of medication, for as long as I can remember, and certainly for as long as I've had two cats who believe in the entire household rising before dawn to greet the day.

It appears however, that while I slept someone entered my mom's home where I'm staying, crept up the stairs, managed to unlock the guest bedroom where I lay peacefully sleeping, and proceeded to wallop the living daylights out of my legs and feet with something akin to a Fred Flintstone caveman stick.

After a shower and breakfast, I'm out the door to REI to check into a bike shirt with all those nifty pockets on the back and to the Running Store to discuss "the situation" hithertoknown as my aching feet.

Mid-Afternoon Update

This afternoon I'm definitely feeling like a ph(f)atgirl. Two bicyle shops and not a bike jersey that came close to fitting the contours of my generous hips, which leads me to the timeless question, is it really necessary to have a full-length mirror in the dressing room? It's enough to make you want to eat cake.

But not to be defeated I came home, plunked my chubby cheeks onto the chair in front of computer and was able to locate some loose-fit XXL bike jerseys at some specialty store...something like "Bart's Big Bottom Bike Shirts." Anywhooo, I ordered several from XXL to XXXL and will see what happens when UPS knocks on my door. Just in case, hide Sara Lee and her cake.

On the shoe front, I've sadly forsaken my three beloved pairs of Asics Gel DS Trainers XI for a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6 running shoes. I'm hoping with a little more padding between my tender piddy pats and the pavement and more side support my feet and back will rejoice rather than recoil. I originally went with the running flats when I was planning to incorporate racewalking and needed full flexibility for the foot roll but as it turns out, racewalking is on hold for later in my training. It's all about getting through the marathon and then refocusing on shorter distances and training that incorporates more speed over endurance work.

And I'm just kidding about the cake. Now donuts....


kim said...

wow your amazing I can realate to you ..on many levels ..i got inspired by you , Iam 5 ft 7 weigh 206 ..I struggle with my weight I feel uncomfotable down a bit lonley ( just ended an abusive realtionship.. and so happy about that! ) but As I said I need help getting motivated , I am also currently (unemployed, won't be for long though) anyway thats my sad reality .. its not really as bad as it all seems in writing.. anyway back to you .. you made me laugh .. and I really love reading whatyou write ..thanaks

Rose said...

Cats. They always have some really pressing business at 4:30 a.m. Said business always requires them to dash right across your sleeping body, even if it's the long way.

Loved the report and the update - I agree with Kim - you make me laugh! Rare quality these days.

jeanne said...

i know a really really good catalog store that carries running stuff for us "full figured" gals...and of course i can't remember the name of it!! I will try to find it and send it.

and of course all your readers were wondering!

citasarah said...

Anita, I have a pronation problem I have been working on for years. I walk pretty straight now, but still need the support. I use Brooks shoes, and love the adreneline six, its what Ill be wearing Oct 1, with a pair of inserts to protect the joint behind my big toe.

Great posts, I enjoy your blog.

sarah, portland