Friday, September 08, 2006

On the Road Again

Today was the first honest-to-goodness training walk in a week. 9 miles at a 14:19 pace accomplished in 3 laps around the hilly reservoir on a surprisingly cold day which maketh me thinketh my favorite season of the year is gloriously around the corner. I adore fall, or pum'kin season as we call it in our household. Shorter days, cold mornings, leaves in autumn colors, and sweatshirts. As much as I love teeshirts and cargo shorts, I'm ready to snuggle myself up in jeans and sweatshirts. And flannel jammies at bedtime naturally.

As I'm reading the painfully mundane content above that mysteriously detoured from my training report to autumn to my preferred bedwear, I can't help but reflect with amusement at Dana's question of the other day, "After the marathon is over, what are you going to write about on your blog?" As if I would ever be at a loss for words. Silly girl. Adorable but oh so naive when it comes to the limitless bounds of my banality. Need proof? Follow along with me if you're brave enough...

Tonight I grilled up sliced eggplant, onions, and hamburger patties that I'd stuffed with a little salami and a touch of cheddar cheese, thus negating any benefits I might have reaped from the extra super lean beef I had purchased at top dollar. It's Friday. That's my excuse for indulging in salami and I'm sticking by it, but if I may offer a ray of hope on my nutritional commitments, I used two slices of the dry grilled eggplant in favorite of bread. No refined flour. No mayo. In a just world refraining from overly-processed grain and Best Foods should cancel out the salami and cheese. This is not a just world.

For dessert, I binged on my favorite blog sites and I savored every bite! I totally love your blogs, reports on your training, stories about your family or lives, and yes, even your useless but entertaining and on occasion hysterically funny entries, but I do have one teeny-weeny issue I need to share with you. I must speak my truth, not only for my personal growth but because honesty is essential for our ongoing relationship. Though the truth is sometimes painful, I know you would want it no other way. I, on the other hand, do indeed want it another way so if I annoy you or have said something to step on your adorable little sport toes, please, for the sake of our ever-deepening relationship, keep it to yourself. I don't wanna hear it. I'll take it personally and then that will ruin everything!

Okay, now back to you. It can't always be about me, most of the time is understandable, but not all of the time. So what's with the music videos that start up automatically on your blog? I mean, hey, it's your blog and you have a right to do anything you want to do. Set your hair on fire, jump from the nearest rooftop into a children's wading pool filled with anchor worms, or wear pink taffeta with tiffany lace and I'll defend your right to do so. All I'm asking is that you would make playing the music video on your site an option for visitors (particularly loyal ones like myself) rather than forcing us to listen to your horrendous distinctive taste in current musical trends and exposing innocent wanderers to images of people shaking parts of their body that physiologically shouldn't be able to shake in that way. Please receive this information in the spirit in which it is given. It's all about the love.

So, how's that for proof of truly inconsequential verbosity? I told you so.


jeanne said...

(I tried to leave this comment but blogger defeated me!) and the highly evolved comment? just this: I hate those people with their auto vids, too!!!! especially on a mac where they CRASH it!
boy, i'm glad i got that off my chest.

Rose said...

First, I am in total agreement about pum'kin season. I live for the autumn days and bonfire nights. Oh, I am going to have to wax eloquent about this on my own blog.

Second, the meal sounds fabulous! I dessert on reading blogs, too (am doing so this very moment) but I usually have a nice glass of wine to go with it.

Finally, I'm with you on the auto load videos. In their defense, they may not know how to load it so it doesn't auto load. I tried to put one on my site once and just could not figure it out. So, I left it off. A glass of wine makes me feel charity I would not otherwise be inclined towards. ;->