Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pockets At Last!

After nearly a week of motionless existence, I finally got my rumpus out of the house yesterday to put in 3 quick miles and some rather brutal but brief hill work on the dreadmill at the local 24-Hour Fitness. I thought a little hill work was in order given the .53 mile 150 foot ascent that leads up to the St. John's Bridge at mile 17 in the Portland Marathon. That should be so fun, particularly given the timely insertion of the dreadhill right before mile 18 when I'll no doubt be in peak physical condition...for a door knob maybe.

Notify Runner's World Magazine, my marathon apparel has finally come together. I've decided to double up on the shorts, with compression cycling shorts under loose fit Nike training shorts. The goal here is two-fold. Follow my logical if you will. Were I to wear the loose fit Nike Training shorts alone I'd have the benefit of the two ample pockets and the breezy comfort of dri-fit fabric but would fall victim to the malady of inner thigh creep up, and if I wear the tight cycling shorts with the longer inseam alone I avoid fabric bunch up at the crotch but am left with no pockets to hold my essentials. Ergo, double up. The upside is that I've gained two pockets and freedom from the humiliation of ITCU. The downside are the extra seconds added to my time at every portapotty. The gain in pockets and salvaged pride is worth giving up my chance to shatter the marathon course record. Ahhh...and I could'a been a contender.

The best news of all is that my endless quest to find a cycling jersey with the coveted three pockets has ended! For weeks I've had nil to nada good fortune in finding a jersey that fit my plentiful phatgirl frame. While I normally wear a large in a man's tee-shirt, these cycling jerseys are a different breed altogether with their tight elastic waist and slinky fabric, but I finally found a company called Aerotech Designs that makes great cycling jerseys for the queen-size princess that I am. Because it's a man style jersey the shoulder span is too wide (though perfect should I ever make the change from walking to body building) and it's a little too long, but finally a company that says loose fit actually means loose fit, and what that means is I have pockets! Five yummy gloriously wonderful spacious pockets! Commence the happy dance!

Now we must confront the new dilemma before us, and you know what it is. What am I going to put in all those pockets?!

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You can carry some of my stuff.