Monday, July 31, 2006

Cause and Effect

The other day while walking a 3.5 mile loop, (half of which my training schedule outlined for the day but I digress into a guilt too heavy to bear), I noticed at two different points along the route a random and lone sock laying on the side of the road. The first was a thin navy blue cotton sock plastered against the curb. Around the next bend in the road near the base of an old evergreen tree was a filthy heavy-weight white sock looking much like a fuzzy flattened snake, if there were such a creature that is.

This is when the expression "It will knock your socks off" first tickled at the back of my mind and I couldn't help but wonder, are there really circumstances that could literally knock your socks off?

And if that's possible, could something actually "blow your mind?"

I've made what might be a horrifying correlation.


21st Century Mom said...

Those sound like the missing socks that didn't come out of my drier. Little rapscallions! I should have known they took to the streets in search of a party! Serves them right to end up derelict, lying up against a curb with no more of a thrill than to put frightening thoughts into the heads of innocent walkers.

Now if I could just get them to come home so I had more matched sets.....

Rose said...

When I see a lone shoe or sock along the road, I always wonder, how does the former owner not notice that he/she is missing said shoe or sock? They aren't like gloves, where you stick them in a pocket and maybe one falls out. As for something really blowing my mind? {snort} that would pre-suppose I had enough mind left . . . ;->