Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's In a Blog Name?

Last night I watched a British documentary on LimeTV called "Fat Man Running" that tells the story of a squishy guy who sets out to run the London Marathon with only five months to train and a whole lot of weight and bad habits to lose along the way.

Hey! I'm a squishy woman. I have plenty of weight to lose. I've been training since January 2006 to walk the Portland Marathon (Oregon) in October, yet the odds of anyone setting up a Tivo Season Pass of a walk-umentary highlighting my exploits on pavement is unlikely enough that blogging seems an interesting alternative. Not that I suspect it will draw a larger audience but if given the option I'd rather type into a computer keyboard dressed in my jammies, than be filmed walking and sweating in an unflattering pair of walking shorts.

So why "Phat Girl Walking" rather than the obvious choice of "Fat Girl Walking"?

  • Reason One: Some other fat girl grabbed up the blog address before my inspired idea.
  • Reason Two: Take a moment to browse the varied definitions of the word fat. Now check out the definition of phat. The point being that my self-image, though fragile, is healthy enough to opt for phat over fat as a personal descriptor.

Is this how all great ideas are born?

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