Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sister Strider

Somehow I managed to convince, cajole or trick my sister into walking with me in the Portland Marathon and because I just so happened to be up in Portland for a few days I went with her on a walker's shopping spree beginning with new running shoes, followed by a Garmin 305 (the finest walkers toy on the planet) and concluding with an Ipod Nano. Some people train, we sisters make purchases.

Two peas in a pod are we.

I'm already in trouble. She walked 8 miles yesterday at 14:00 mpm and had the nerve to feel good. She just started training! I've been at this since January. What the....!

My schedule in Portland has been hectic at best, masochistic at worst and there within lies my feeble but technically plausible excuse for not keeping to my training schedule. I've only mushed in two 3.5 mile walks while in town and I was due for an 8-miler. Ain't gonna happen until I get home which means next week will find me hoofing two long days on the road in addition to a couple EZ days and some cross-training. But the truth is, I miss it. When I finished the 3.5 mile loop this morning I wanted to go around again but the clock and commitments were working against me. I love that I wanted to go around again. I mean, I really wanted it. Wanted it like I use to want just one more piece, slice, bite, bowl, box, bag, carton or spoonful of [ __ fill in the blank ___ ]. I want to get out on the road so much that I just seriously but briefly considered heading out to the 24-hour gym for a sweaty stroll on the dreadmill at 1:00 in the morning. Fortunately it passed in relatively short order.


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