Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fantastic in San Francisco

Brandon and Steve fall under the category of super-dudes in my little corner of the world, and today they rocked that world by finishing the San Francisco Marathon, with Brandon gutting out the full-marathon after a series of sprains, pains and a knee with a freakin' attitude, while Steve hoofed in at an a-m-a-z-i-n-g 2:52:45 for the half-marathon. If you don't find 2:52:45 for a half-marathon jaw-dropping then check out Steve's blog and do your research because perspective is everything baby!

These fellas are my inspiration and have been since we first met last spring at Dave McGovern's (no slouch himself!) Racewalking Clinic in Carmel. I went hoping to learn some techniques for walking faster and what I ended up with is a posse of walkers, runners, racers, and just plain good people who are never short on showering support, motivation, and great advice to a fledging walker like phatgirl. These good people include Vickie and Ann who did their own part in burning up the pavement in the city by the Bay!

Brandon and Steve, congratulations on overcoming every adversity that came your way to reach your goal! This middle-aged walking woman is doing the wave in your direction and your accomplishment will be pushing me from behind during my next LSD!

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Steve said...

Anita, you're so sweet!