Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Post Race Body Check

The Day of the Half-Marathon:

  • Sore and stiff everywhere. Everywhere.
  • Extremely tight calve muscles.
  • Three blisters on my feet, including one that was quite impressive! What a shame I didn't think to photograph them for your viewing pleasure.
  • Really, really tired and really, really hungry.

The Night of the Half-Marathon:

  • The toe nail on my left foot, next to the big toe fell off. It didn't ask me. Didn't warn me. Gave no indication of its intentions. Just popped right off. Gone. Lost forever on the hotel carpet.

The Day after the Half-Marathon:

  • My calve muscles are still pulled as tight as five-inch long rubber bands being stretched from one end of a ball field to the other. I'm hobbling, not walking. I whine when I walk and somehow that seems to relieve the pain.

Two Days after the Half-Marathon: (Today)

  • The calve muscles are still tight but either the rubber band is getting longer or the ball field is getting shorter. The necessity for whining is diminishing but don't tell Dana. I'm still milking this for everything its worth.


Cindy said...

Anita!!!! WOW! I am so very impressed! When I saw you in March you were getting ready for this very day. Now it is done - and you look GREAT! You are an inspiration! I am so very proud of you :)

Lori said...

Yeah! You go Gryl! Well, maybe take a load off first...and then have some dinner.
I had no idea: what an accomplishment.

Steve said...

Stretch , stretch and stretch those rubber band even more. (Seems to work for my calves.)

Wow..it only took you two days to heal? it took me 5 days after my first gig. See ... preparation is everything.