Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nine is Fine

Just when you thought Monday's couldn't get more brutal, D_wn, my personal torturer trainer decided to up the ante and designate all foreseeable Monday's in my future as check-in days.

    Check-In (verb) chek-inn
    1. register at a hotel - to register as a guest, or register a guest, on arrival at a hotel. Has my colleague checked in yet?
    2. arrive for a trip - to register and go through the necessary formalities before beginning a trip, especially by air. All passengers should check in at least one hour before departure.
    3. make contact - to make routine contact with a person or organization to exchange information. The patrols are suppose to check in by radio at half-hour intervals.
    4. weigh in on scales - the occasion upon which an individual is compelled by their physical trainer to get on the scales, most commonly located in a high traffic area in the center of a fitness club to register their weight. The cruel and diabolical personal trainer made the unsuspecting phatclient climb on the scales to check in on her progress.

If you're leaning toward option four as the applicable definition then you're tonight's lucky winner and your prize will be arriving soon to a mailbox near you. Not your mailbox, but one near you so the sooner you start rummaging through your neighbor's mailboxes the sooner you'll find it. Go ahead. It will be fine. Really. Now, back to the topic at hand. Me.

The results of my first offical check in after two weeks of daily cardio, core training, and precise calorie tabulations have led to a nine pound weight loss. That's right Happy Campers, nine big ones. Step aside "Biggest Losers" because Phatgirl is nipping at your sneaker struttin' heels!


LBTEPA said...

That's ummmm....nearly FOUR KILOS!!
Well done :)

Barb said...

Congratulations sis!

Anonymous said...

You go Girl!!!

jeanne said...

GOOD LORD!!! Nine pounds!!!! wait, let me get my jaw up off the floor.

I am mad seething jealous. Not jealous enough to actually stop eating, or start exercising more, mind you. But mad seething jealous nonetheless.

Well done you!

Run Momma Run said...

Sweet! Sign me up! Congrats!