Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Pain in the Pecs

I was pretty sure it was just my imagination. A glint in the eye. A wink. A smirk. I was standing before a huge white metal freestanding cross-training contraption with pulley's and weights and levers and random bits and pieces. As I began the first series of reps she had just demonstrated for me, I could have sworn I heard her say, "You're going to feel these tomorrow in your pecks" and that's the very moment I thought I saw a glint, a wink, and a smirk. But I was sure I was mistaken. She looks too cute and seems too nice to take pleasure in the suffering of others. Besides, I didn't even know what pecs were and if I had any, and so I went ahead naively, trustingly, foolhardly and did precisely as D_wn, my personal trainer instructed me to do. And as the day wore on, I forgot all about what I thought I'd seen.

Until this morning. This morning when I went to push the covers off me I discovered I have pecs. Raw, throbbing, pounding, screaming, angry ones. It was foolishness on my part. I shouldn't have attempted something so reckless. If I had it to do all over again I would do it differently. Hinesight is always 20/20 they say and they're right. If only I had moved one blanket at a time but oh nooooo, I had to push all three off at once in my rush to get out of bed. I'll think better next time. After a session with D_wn, it's always best advised to move cautiously in the hours that follow. Speaking of which I'd write a longer blog entry but I'm beginning to feel a twitch and pull and ache in my pecs. Oh yes, I have them and I know just where they are, thank you very much.


Rose said...


"too cute and seems too nice to take pleasure in the suffering of others"?

She's a personal trainer. Of COURSE she take pleasure in the suffering of others! You're going to find out about other muscles you don't know the names of, too. And D_wn will enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha, you are surely an athlete now that you have felt your pecs! What wonderous muscles lie ahead??

jeanne said...

You know if we were living in the middle ages, and I read this (which would be impossible, bcs of the internet not being invented yet and all) i'd be wondering what CRIME you had committed!

Anita said...

No crime involved. From all I can gather, D_wn must just have unresolved issues in her life and she's taking them out on me. If I can aid in her healing, then I'm the better person for it, right?