Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Orange You Glad It's Fall

I love fall. I love my crocs.

I love fall because of the crisp cool air, the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet, the colors of the season, rain storms, wearing long pants and sweatshirts after months of teeshirts and shorts, early sunsets that make for long evenings, foods that taste of pumpkin, spices, apples and the comfort of a bowl of hot soup at supper time.

I love crocs because of the wild choice in colors, the ease of putting them on, the comfort of wearing them, and that I can wash them with Windex and rinse them under the faucet so that they shine like new.

Put the two together and that is one sweet moment in life.
And Christmas is going to be pretty spectacular too! Just wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Orange you glad there's only eleven months left till Portland?

Perry said...

Won't the crocs get your feet wet in the winter with all the snow? Or maybe you don't get snow and slush where you are. You can't wear shoes like that in Chicago during the winter

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