Friday, August 25, 2006

Fantabulous Friday

This has been one of those cozy, sweet, sublime days that just make a phatgirl wanna give God a little cheer. You go God! The day started with a brisk six miles around the reservoir at a 14:04 pace. With a low fog cover, it was downright chilly on the exposed side of the walk where the wind blows off the water and smacks you right up side the head. Fortunately most of the 2.70 mile loop has plenty of trees to offer shelter to the walkers and runners from both wind and sun. It was my first chance to begin breaking in the shoes I bought for the marathon and by the end of the walk I felt the first squish of a blister on the side of my heel but before I could get too upset a peppy little puppy with three legs bounded past me with his owner and I figured with all my limbs present and accounted for there was no need to get my shorts in a bunch and whine about a widdle blister.

With the clock ticking on the marathon it's that time. Yes, time to begin obsessing about what I'm going to wear. Because I'd love nothing better than avoiding the whole fuel belt thing, I was hoping to find a pair of lightweight cargo pants with plenty-o pockets. After an unsuccessful outing to the local running store (where they specialize in microscopic shorts with 3 inch inseams designed for widdle biddy bodies) I trotted my softly rounded rubenesque body over to Big-5 Sporting Goods and found me a pair of big girl shorts. While I'm sacrificing the dri-fit fabric of my favorite Nike training shorts, I'm gaining all the pockets I crave and then some. Toss in a 9-inch inseam, top it with a Life Is Good Good Tech Tee and I'm just about as happy as I can be. Simple pleasures. Gotta love em.

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