Thursday, August 10, 2006

Weak at Midnight

I have yet to complete my first marathon but only five minutes ago I registered for a second one, the Inaugural Eugene (OR) Marathon, "Running in the Footsteps of Legends" to be held on Sunday, April 29, 2007. I know not to have my credit card within reach and QVC on the television after midnight. I'm too vulnerable. Now apparently it seems I need to stay away from all things marathony in the wee hours. I just couldn't help it. I have a good excuse. At least I'm hoping that's how it will sound at 7:00 in the morning when I tell my wife. Oh boy.

So here's my reasoning. I lived in Eugene between 1994-1999 and after riding my bike over all the long flat tree-shaded paved trails that ran along the river's edge, and knowing that Eugene is a runner's mecca (don't forget, Eugene is the home of PRE, Steve Prefontaine) there's just no way this first-ever marathon isn't going to kick and rock! And the best news yet, even though the runners are going to smoke the course, there's a ridiculously generous 9 hour limit on the marathon and they're welcoming walkers. If none of that is enough reason to register, then consider this...there are bound to be some a-mazing tie-dyed hipslickandcool training tech shirts! We're talking about Eugene, Oregon were there are as many patchouli-scented 60's hippies and hippie-wannabes per capita as in the Haight in San Francisco.

The merchandise isn't available on the official website yet, but I have my credit card near by when it is. Until then....I guess it's QVC.


Steve said...

You're crazier than I am.

Anita said... feel reasonably confident that you have the greater handle on insanity than I do.