Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen...I Hope!

At this point counting down to the marathon is less about the number of days as to the number of miles between now and when I step up to the starting line. Between now and then I have 131 training miles to walk. That includes two 20 milers, two tempo 12 milers and a stack of short walks of 3 and 6 miles. The marathon is in sight and the Evil Twin Toes have chimed in with one last hurrah!

For the past six months these two rebellious bad boys (located next to the big toes of each foot) have kicked up a fuss with random blisters and a really attractive, supremely annoying white fungus. In retaliation I've scraped, soaked, trimmed, hacked, popped, drained, medicated, wrapped and cursed them. One night in total frustration I snipped the nails right down to the nail bed, tore out the fugus and thought the matter was settled. Foolish, foolish phatgirl. They've responded aggressively with one final assault following yesterday's 18 miler and in response I hold in my hot little hands a teeny weeny vial of 155.00 fungus-busting medication. It seems my insurance company has a fungi-exemption clause but it will be worth a few less cool-max teeshirts if I can get this whooped by the marathon.

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