Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Simple and Simply Fantastic Life

My intention was to walk an unscheduled six miles yesterday to make up for the miles I missed on Friday's 18-mile LSD. Didn't happen. Didn't happen today either. And I know better. The weekends never pan out for walking, primarily because I'd rather spend the two days with my beloved than spend it alone on the road. It's a simple question of priorities and while I truly love walking, I love spending the weekends uninterupted with Dana even more. Decision made.

And it's been a great weekend. A lazy one. A simple A delightful one. Strolling through the local farmer's market on Saturday morning, buying a kitchen rug in the afternoon, grilling fresh salmon and white corn for dinner, watching television into the night, going to church on Sunday morning, a walk through town in the afternoon and now home again to blog in my favorite Nike shorts with my "Why run when you can walk really fast?" teeshirt while my sweetiepie plays "TumbleBug" on her laptop near me on the couch. Such a life I live. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful. Or as we said in church this morning, "Thanks be to God!" Indeed and amen.

On Saturday's shopping expedition I artfully manuveured accidently wandered into the local running store where I snagged two more pairs of Asics Gel DS Trainers XI, the finest shoes for phatgirl's piddy-pats. Since I began training Asics are the only shoes that have worked for me; spacious toe boxes, light-weight, flexible, and comfortable. For a while I was opting for the Gel Racers but they were so light that it was almost like wearing slippers which is great when I'm walking across the kitchen floor but less appealing when trekking over sizzling summer pavement. I normally go with men's Trainers because of the added width and it doesn't hurt that the men's comes in red that compliments my red and black walking clothes as opposed to the annoying orange detailing the women's version. I hate orange. The color, not the fruit. I have no strong feelings about orange as a fruit, but just don't get me started on kumquats.


jeanne said...
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jeanne said...

(You know, I really need to learn how to READ, so please ignore last post.)

I can relate to your list of ailments...and especially the one that hit on your 18-miler. Been there. Have remedy. Will share offline.

But...the rest of your weekend sounds dee-lightful! Active, and happy!