Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday's Get a Bad Rap

By 7:40 this morning I was well into my stretches on a crispy cold fog-covered day at Lafayette Reservoir, dressed in shorts, a tee, my sneaks, and offering a mea culpa accompanied with a pinch of gloat to those walking/running/surviving in hellish humid climates, a heavy fleece jacket. If it makes you feel any better, I shed the jacket after the first of two loops but I promise I won't mention I was a little chilled on the second loop. Oh, was that my out loud voice?

I walked 5.50 miles at an average pace of 14:09 with the wa-hoo factor being that mile 1 was 14:35 with every mile that followed a little quicker than the mile before. Negative splits makes me weep.

The walk was rewarding not only in negative splits but in the great people who were walking the loop at the same time; the two African-American women dressed in gorgeous bright colors with matching straw hats who yelled "Go! Go! Go!" as I hooved by, the young man with the dog, the moms with obligatory babies goo-ing and coo-ing in strollers, the thin blonde woman who was doing the walk/run combo that I eventually passed and never saw again (insert big grin here even though the reality is she probably stopped to sit by the shore for a while to contemplate her last marathon PR), the kids at the "Rough-It Day Camp" who pointed in my direction when I walked by in my "Where the Wild Things Are" teeshirt, and the assorted and miscellaneous men, women, and children who offered a "Good morning," a generous smile, or a tip of the hat in greeting.

Today, Monday, August 7th is a good day indeed.

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