Thursday, August 03, 2006

Two Words Update

Cue the orchestra to begin the "Halleluah Chorus."
Signal dancers to enter stage left to commence the happy dance!
Free drinks for the house!

I just returned from the physical therapist and the report is that I'm looking at a strained achilles tendon but not achilles tendonitis and after an hour of stretches, and alternating between hot water and ice water, he sent me out the door with a big rubber band, an appointment card for next week, and a nod to continue training for the marathon!

To my pacing peeps on the walkingfaster email list and on the message boards at The Walking Site, thank you thank you thank you for your high tolerance to extreme levels of whining while at the same time dispensing generous amounts of encouragement and the wisdom of your experience. Brandon, you aren't only a star, you're a sweetheart!

Word out and sneakers on, Anita is hitting the road!

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