Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sneaker Love

I have a walking box in our garage overflowing with my stuff. Important stuff. Necessary stuff. Glide, sunscreen, insoles, rain gear, sun visors, cool-max hats, hydration tablets, reflective night vest, water bottles, a Narvaro camel back, a collection of Ipod headphones ranging in style from ear plugs to ear muffs, assorted fanny packs and sundry belly bags. I love my box of walking essentials.

And then there are the running shoes. My wonderful wonderful Asics running shoes. Wide toe box, soft insides, flexible, light, and oh, so snappy looking. Note the bottom yellow-trimmed pair with matching toe holes testifying to a meager and failed attempt at minimizing the pain caused by the "evil twins." After months of trying everything I finally cut both nails down to the nail bed. Ugly but functional. And in the right circles, quite impressive. I only wish I'd come to the nail extraction solution prior to taking an exacto-knife to brand-new sneaks! Don't ask me what I was thinking. Apparently there was a mental lapse and how disturbing to think I was armed with a sharp implement at the time.

This afternoon was a three-mile walk I had intended to keep in the low 13:00's range but with 90 degree weather busting my chops, I'm content with the 13:41 mpm average I claimed as my own.

And yes, I'm all too aware that only yesterday I was all smug about walking in the morning dressed in a heavy fleece jacket. Just know this, gloating is no more attractive on you than it was on me so ease up and spread the love.

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