Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Treadmill Schmeadmill

Jeanne of Not Born to Run fame recently waxed poetic about her deep loathing for dreadmills treadmills. I concur enthusiastically and offer this video as visual evidence of perhaps the only worthwhile usage for these diabolical machines of rubberized, metalized, artificial speed.

While it would have been cooler to have walked my 5.5 miles this morning in an air-conditioned gym on the above mentioned treadzilla, it was worth enduring higher than preferred temperatures to enjoy a beautiful double-loop around the reservoir and spotting two stunning blue herons parading in an open field near the water's edge. [Blogger's disclaimer: I've avoided providing specific details on the temperature provided as to prevent being called a whimpy whoosypants by any East Coast and Mid-west running maniacs.] My pace was intentionally slow as I'm hoping for a 15 mpm pace in the marathon and I need to get some idea of how that pace feels before my scheduled 14 miler this Friday.

Mile 1..........14:51
Mile 2..........14:28
Mile 3..........14:22
Mile 4..........14:11
Mile 5..........14:36
Mile .05.........7.30


Rose said...

Oh, that is just priceless! I am not very fond of working out on the treadmill, but thinking of this when I do in the future should make me smile. I wonder if they plan any follow-up hits with other types of exercise equipment?

Jules said...

Brilliant video. I am so horribly uncoordinated that I would have busted my bum on the first move. Much needed levity at 3:00 a.m. Thanks... J

jeanne said...

OH MY GOD!!! Another OK GO FAN!!!!

See my post.
And here I thought I was the only one my age.... (of course, you are years younger!)

These guys rock!

Anita said...

I'm faced with a moral question. Do I admit that I'm clueless as to who OK GO is and only selected their video because of the treadmill theme OR do I pretend that I'm a total OK GO groupie to retain some sense of coolness? This is a real dilemma.